Performance management and Improvement services

“Many advisers can tell a President how to improve what’s proposed or what’s gone amiss. Few are able to see what isn’t there”. ‘Donald Rumsfeld’

• The truth about revenue growth is that it’s vital, it’s possible, and it’s risky. Growth creates nearly 75% of shareholder returns in a ten-year period, but going for value creation through growth is a total different story. The true value-creating growth demands the right balance of core versus contiguous investment, engaged leadership, and supporting capabilities.

• Al wadi can help its clients to enhance their performance through following an integrated solutions approach:
– Performance diagnosis report© enhance management overview of industry boundaries to reset full potential
– Cost analysis : an analysis to identify immediate, midterm and longer-term opportunities
– Sustainable Cost engineering: Transform the cost structure across the organization to obtain cost edge, with higher efficiency and utilization of current resources
– Business Process Redesign: Achieve operational quality to deliver high end service at a viable cost
– Supply Chain Management: recreate supply chain into a source of competitive advantage from procurement to revenue generation