Corporate finance and risk management services

“Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.” ‘Theodore Roosevelt’

A properly tightened strategies that accurately define  the opportunities of value creation and the appropriate risks involved are the major drivers to success. Working with specialized team and our expert partners, we make sure that our clients would be able to maximize value creation by aligning their corporate strategy with the most efficient use of their resources and capital, in order to make our clients tell their own story of success

We support our clients in the following areas:
- Capital and resources utilization and management analysis to determine which strategies and business models create the most value

- Active financial resources management advice to fund corporate growth and maximize long-term value

- Investment communications to explain corporate strategy clearly, manage performance expectations, maximize shareholder value.

- Creating and helping clients to develop innovative financing strategies—to build value

- Performance measurement and management—to apply rigorous analytical tools and methodologies that assess business value and performance. E. finance systems and structure design—to enhance the function the of business support and value creation, using advanced techniques, and methods.

- Finance manpower acquisition and development to help shape the corporate finance strategy, build innovative systems, and develop human capital through capability-enhancing to create a world-class finance function D. CFO Decision support tool © — CFO’s are sitting on the top of financial decision making pyramids, with so many responsibilities,  functions and tasks on their agendas, we have developed a tool to help CFO’s with the leadership  of their teams and the board and leading enterprise-wide initiatives provided by big data and advanced analytics

- Risk management functions including
Risk function creation
Risk management strategy drafting including risk appetite, tolerance , and aversive methods
Risk register development
Risk training, and beyond