Group CEO Biography

Achievement has been a key word in Ayman’s life. After excelling in his studies and attaining a business degree, Mr. AlWadi began his professional journey. His career began as one of the establishing members of the Collections Center at Emirates Bank Group (Emirates NBD Bank) in 1996.

The next 5 years saw Ayman honing his managerial strengths and growing from one success to the next. His leadership skills led him to the post of Team Leader as he continued to build an illustrious career marked with profound excellence and a slew of industry accolades. All the while, Ayman continued to nurture his knowledge of the Law, acquiring a practical understanding in the numerous disciplines of business law.

Immediately after moving to Gulf Finance Corporation PJSC, Ayman established the organization’s Debt Management, Compliance and Legal Affairs department. Quickly, Ayman found himself not only specializing in debt management, but also in most aspects of the organization. After 9 years of growth, he became a Managing Director, overseeing everything from board meetings to international ventures. In his personal endeavors, Ayman oversaw numerous international business associations and ventures that spanned an array of fields. In 2009, he decided to channel his skills, accomplishments and experience into forming his own company – ALWADI Holding.